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Here you can find a selection of the best barber shops in your area, handpicked and organized by most popular, specific needs, price range, and services. Here you’ll find the best barber shops with more than 250,400 reviews, the top shops for specific haircuts, and also shops that offer up to 50% discounts or low-price services starting from £15.


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Scout’s Barbershop

Commuter Barbers and Unisex Hairdressing

EDA Barber

Edit Barbershop

Cads Of Micklegate

Dudes Barbers


Mr Young’s Barbershop

Spike Up Barbers

Book your next Barber Shop appointment with GenUp Local

When you’re in need of a last-minute haircut in , look no further than GenUp Local! We specialize in connecting you with the best-rated barber shops in your area, ensuring your grooming needs are met with ease. Our platform streamlines the booking process, making it a breeze for you. GenUp Local takes care of the legwork, leaving you with the simple task of reserving your spot and preparing for your appointment.

Let’s dive into the details. alone, we have an extensive selection of barber shops listed. These establishments are staffed with skilled professionals ready to provide you with a variety of services, including classic haircuts, modern styles, beard trims, and hot towel shaves. The barber shops have been attracting rave reviews, boasting an impressive average rating of 5.0 stars.

Whether you reside in or , our platform offers an array of enticing options. Plus, with GenUp Local, you have the privilege of handpicking your preferred barber, thanks to genuine customer reviews provided for each professional.

If you have a special occasion or simply need a regular trim, the time to act is now! Elevate your grooming routine with services like precision haircuts, detailed beard trims, and relaxing shaves. GenUp Local ensures you’re primed to look your best. Don’t miss out – book your next barber shop appointment today!

Discover the Numerous Benefits of Choosing a Barber Shop with GenUp Local:

Classic Haircuts: Our professional barbers are adept at providing classic haircuts tailored to your style. Whether you’re looking for a timeless cut or a modern twist, we’ve got you covered.

Beard Trims: Keep your beard looking sharp with our expert beard trimming services. Our skilled barbers offer detailed trims to keep your facial hair neat and stylish.

Hot Towel Shaves: Experience the luxury of a hot towel shave. This traditional barber service includes a relaxing hot towel treatment, followed by a smooth and precise shave.

Modern Styles: Stay on trend with our modern haircut styles. Our barbers are up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques, ensuring you leave with a fresh and contemporary look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services are offered by barber shops?

Barber shops offer a wide spectrum of services to enhance your grooming routine. Our shops provide services such as classic haircuts, modern styles, beard trims, hot towel shaves, and more. Whether you’re looking for a quick trim or a complete grooming experience, we’ve got you covered. Our talented professionals are here to cater to your grooming needs and ensure you leave looking and feeling your best.

Do I need to make an appointment at a barber shop?

While walk-in appointments are welcome, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment in advance to ensure you receive the specific services and time slot you prefer. Making a reservation allows us to better accommodate your needs and provide a seamless, personalized experience. For popular times or services, booking ahead is particularly advisable, but our team will do their best to accommodate your preferences.

Should I go to a barber shop or a hair salon?

The choice between a barber shop and a hair salon depends on your needs. A barber shop typically offers a broader range of grooming services specifically for men, including haircuts, beard trims, and shaves. If you’re looking for these types of services, a barber shop is your go-to destination. However, for more comprehensive beauty treatments, including skincare and nail services, a hair salon might be more suitable.

What are the benefits and differences between various haircut styles offered?

The benefits and differences in haircut styles can vary based on your specific needs. Classic haircuts offer timeless looks, while modern styles keep you on trend with the latest fashion. Beard trims maintain facial hair neatness, and hot towel shaves provide a luxurious grooming experience. The best style for you depends on your preferences, and our experienced professionals are happy to provide personalized recommendations during your visit.

Do I need to do anything before I arrive to prepare for my appointment?

For most services, there’s no specific preparation required. However, it’s helpful to arrive with clean hair and be clear about your style preferences. Our experts will guide you through any specific pre-appointment instructions during the booking process or in-person consultation, ensuring you have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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